test bloga

Sample BlogSo from the timeline seems the huge time difference is consumed exclusively by “Update Layer Tree”. No differences on the “Hit test” timing either.

I can see only one layer in the Layers tab details: #document.

When the touch delegation chimes in, the whole body (even out of the painted area) is highlighted as a slow scroll rect.

Even with no event firing and no scroll happening the Update Layer Tree phase is impaired by the slow scrolling region caused by uncalled touch listeners… I probably just don’t know what the Update Layer Tree phase is taking care of, from the timeline it’s quite a black box.

But now the funny part: will-change applied to each item restore about half performance with touch enable and cuts in half with touch disabled. I suppose this is due to now having many layers as you said, but for this demo that’s the only way it would apply, putting it on the whole container div makes no difference at all.


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